Here is how my platform and initiatives shall positively impact the lives of the people.

Voters should vote on issues, not parties. There are many pressing problems that need to be addressed and solved. You can’t keep complaining and then don’t get any relief at all from the people seated in the state capitol supposedly there to represent our cause. That’s why I am running for the district, not a party. We need to spread our options, open up to other possibilities, and not just blindly follow one party that necessarily doesn’t work for us.

Here’s how my platform shall positively impact the lives of the people by empowering them with the best options.

Tomorrow’s Youth Program
Let kids be kids. Let them develop freely through mentoring, academics, arts, and athletics. We all have to protect our kids and be actively involved in issues concerning the youth and young adults. I am committed to boosting education and creating structured environments for active learning, self-discovery, and career growth to build a brighter future for our children.
Mental Health Reform
The past couple of years have strained our healthcare system and underscored the incredible need for a strong mental health workforce. Mental health is health. Full stop. We need mental health care that is robust enough to get people to help when they need it. We should invest in mental health infrastructure and people. We need government policies that are committed to fighting disparities and putting people first.
Public Safety
The numerous shootings happening across Chicago every day are travesties. There’s a need to find grassroots solutions and hold the actual people who perpetrate these things accountable. We have to put common sense first where vigilance and active participation are needed most. We need to find ground between upholding the Second Amendment and implementing background checks and other regulations. We had and still have an opportunity for serious criminal reform and serious opportunities to bring life sustainability to the people of the 29th District.
Property Tax Reform
We really have to assess the property tax problem. Part of the problem is that our property tax is weighted toward the lower-income property owners, which isn’t fair at all. You have people in Ford Heights that are paying a higher tax rate than individuals on the Gold Coast. There has to be checks and balances. The property tax burden is a more significant burden for lower-income individuals and limits their upward mobility in regard to asset growth and wealth accumulation.
Fair Access to State Contracts and Capital
There should be awards of contracts for environmentally preferable supplies or services. In awarding contracts, preference should be given to a qualified bidder or offeror who will fulfill the contract obligations. People should be able to identify who is serving them effectively and consider looking at results that have been delivered by the same people that have been awarded contracts and government funding.

In partnership with:

  • National Association Of Minority Contractors (NAMC)
  • Illinois Fraternal Order Of Police (FOP)

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